KIWI – Keychain (Green)


  • Handmade in Amsterdam
  • 100% cow leather
  • Brass clip (dark gold)
  • Brass keyring (dark gold – ø 3 cm)
  • With print of the Leatherback Turtle
  • Size: 14 x 2.5 cm
  • Colour: Natural, Mustard, Black, Salmon, Cognac & Green

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KIWI Keychain

This keychain is inspired by the long beak of a KIWI, a bird that uses his nostrils to probe in the ground, looking for food. The KIWI can only be found, and is a national symbol of New Zealand. Funny fact: people from this country are called kiwi’s and so is Anne.

With the brass clip you can easy attach the KIWI to your trousers, your backpack or anything you like. The brass ring can be used for attaching your keys.

The KIWI is available in the colours: Natural, Mustard, Black, Salmon, Cognac & Green.

Eeuwige Roem, (Dutch for: Eternal Fame)

Anne & Jeroen

Leatherback Turtle

On the outer side of each Roem product you will find a print of our Leatherback Turtle. This is the only turtle with a leathery back instead of a shield.

The Leatherback Turtle is extremely special, likes to travel and is a symbol for the unique Handcrafted Travel Products from Roem.