New: MANTA – Leather Wallet

We proudly present our first product: the MANTA Leather Wallet!

While traveling Anne & Jeroen were inspired to make (travel) products by hand. Their first product, the leather wallet, is based on the contours of the biggest ray on earth: the Manta.

The MANTA consists of one piece of cow leather which is formed by hand into the shape of a Manta ray. The MANTA is compact, has six slots for bank cards, contains a large compartment for bills and can be closed by a snap button.

The MANTA is available in the colors: Bronze, Brown & Black.

Eeuwige Roem, (Dutch for: Eternal Fame)

Anne & Jeroen

Leatherback Turtle

On the outer side of each ROEM product you will find a print of a Leatherback Turtle. The only turtle with a leathery back instead of a shield.

The Leatherback Turtle is extremely special, likes to travel and is a symbol for the unique Handcrafted Travel Products from Roem.


You can recognize our products from it’s logo stamped into the leather.

Roem is the label for Handcrafted Travel Products made by Studio Roem.


Almost every Roem product has a unique label. We brought these fabrics from the countries we travelled to.

For the MANTA – Wallet we’ve used Batik fabrics from Indonesia.

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