New: JUSTA – Leather Bag

Proudly we present our second product: the JUSTA Leather Bag!

While traveling Anne & Jeroen were inspired to make (travel) products by hand. This leather bag was inspired by the triangular shape of the JUSTA moth. A unique nocturnal animal that can be spotted in northern Australia. The JUSTA Leather Bag has a distinctive front and rear thanks to this triangle.

The JUSTA has two handles so you can easily wear it over your shoulder. The bag consists of a large compartment, an extra pocket with a zipper and a leather loop to hang your keys. The bag closes by using a strong magnet.

The JUSTA is available in the colors: Black, Mustard, Cloudy & Coral.

Eeuwige ROEM, (Dutch for: Eternal Fame)

Anne & Jeroen

Pocket with Zipper

On the inside of the JUSTA is a zipped pocket, in this valuables can be stored.

Like almost every product of ROEM the JUSTA also has a fabric label. Especially for this label we have brought fabrics from our trip to Indonesia.

Leatherback Turtle

On the outer side of each ROEM product you will find a print of a Leatherback Turtle. The only turtle with a leathery back instead of a shield.

The Leatherback Turtle is extremely special, likes to travel and is a symbol for the unique Handcrafted Travel Products from ROEM.

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